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Thanks Zorro,

I agonised over that with the first CD.  It took me several days to settle on a running order, and I think it’s the best order those tunes could have been run in. The order makes for a good, listenable album experience.  But no one wants those anymore, present company excepted.

For the second one, I tried to pay more attention to first impressions, while still providing a good listenable album experience.

This one has pretty diverse material going form trad folk to pop with a bit of country thrown in.  It has guitars, mandolins (acoustic and electric versions of both), octave mandolin, mandola, stand-up bass, electric bass, drums, Marxophone, Dulcitone, harmonium, toy piano (sampled so that it plays in tune), handclaps, shakers, and tambourine. Not all of these instruments are on all the tracks.  Getting it all to flow, especially if I include Blackberry Blossom (which would be a third instrumental track), will be the goal.

I’m hoping I can spend some time promoting this CD.  And then tour behind it.