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OK.  Well I think we have all the material recorded.  The album will have 10 to 13 songs.  I’m really happy with the new material and the new sound.  It ain’t folk anymore.  Not sure what it is… Yacht Rock maybe?  🙂

The new song is called After All, and has 2 different e-mandos (solid body and hollow body) 2 different acoustic guitars (my ‘posh’ SCGC as Chris calls it and his beat up baby Taylor), my E-Squier, Fender P bass, drums, harmonium, and dulcitone.  Though I’m not sure all 9 instruments will make it to the final mix.

Once the mixes are complete I’ll start popping stuff over to my Soundcloud page, and give you links.

We did some overdubs and mix work on other songs as well: Parting Glass (Irish traditional), Being a Boy (original), Vacant Chair (American trad), C’est Noyé (cover), Living the Dream (original), Tout ce qui fais toi (original)

Four others, Unexpectedly (orig), White Flower Waltz (orig. instrumental), Windrush (orig. instrumental), and Blackberry Blossom (trad instrumental) need a little tweaking maybe.  Then we’ll be done.

Blackberry Blossom may end up on the cutting room floor.

I’ve recorded a version of Hugh Aufray’s Santiano, but it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the material,  My Christmas song from 2017, A Bit of Magic, could be dropped in but maybe I’ll just leave it a single.

Thinking with my fingers…