Reply To: recommendations for Guitar case

Richard Hoover
Senior Moderator

Hi NM and everyone else,

I’m pleased to announce that we now provide a guitar case with superior strength at noticeably reduced weight.

Cases are a moving target and we evolve to meet market demand. Anything that we don’t make ourselves, we designed our own improved versions and have them made to our specs. This includes cases, strings, tuning machines and so on.

We worked with GWW, makers of carrying cases for really expensive scientific and medical device transport, to make a guitar case worthy of air travel. At the time of the first version we used the best available material for a maximum weight/safety ratio.  As the materials evolve, so do we. Last month we realized our goal of ongoing improvement with the inclusion of a lighter stronger case with all new SCGC Guitars. The look and cost are the same, with added durability and portability.

Until if, or when, we promote these upgrades at, please contact us at or 831-425-0999 for cost and availability. Thank you.

All the best, Richard