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Indeed.  SCGC meet-up EU should happen after all the renovations and Claudine and I sort out schedules.  So in 2020.

April 1-4 is Musikmesse in Frankfurt, which is about 5 hours east by car.  But a direct line from Paris by train, so about 6 and a half hours form Laon.

There are a couple SCGC dealers in Paris, the one in Orly looks promising as they are also an authorised repair place.  Orly is the other side of Paris from us.  It’s about 2.5hrs by car, depending on Paris traffic.  Paris traffic doesn’t compare to Bay Area or LA traffic, but it almost never eases up.

Maybe we could get help from the mothership in developing their interest.

Our area is pretty amazing in terms of things to do and see.  Lots happening in Laon depending on the time of year.  The catherdral is magnificent.  If you’re into WWI history you can walk trenches, view the former front on the Chemin des Dames from an observatory tower over the destroyed town of Craonne.  (There are lots of ‘villages detruit’ in our area, I’ve seen most of them.  Chamouille, where I live at the moment, was here before the Napoleonic Wars and was far enough into German occupied territory during WWI that it wasn’t destroyed by shelling in the Nivelle offensive.)  There are pubs and clubs, etc.

So have a look online and bring your families.