Reply To: Abel Armrest?

Acoustic Soul

I wouldn’t think so, there is padding that touches the instrument, and the padding is padded with cork type material.  You don’t screw it down very tight either, just firm enough to not slip since gravity holds it in place on the lower bout.

I don’t see any risk to it, and I contacted Abel.  They were a bit short with me, I told them I just wanted to make sure.  I don’t know much about what damages guitars and stuff for trying to keep them in mint condition, but this to me really seems fine.  It doesn’t violate common sense, and I contacted the experts.  I asked the shop also.

If someone else has an opinion on the wear, I would definitely hear what everyone has to say … but for me I don’t give it a second thought.  I don’t know that I would play the guitar without it tonally speaking.

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