Reply To: Fact Or Gossip ?


Here’s a post I made on another forum about this:

The following information is a summary of conversations I had with two long time SCGC dealers and with SCGC itself.

1. SCGC increased base prices for all models this year a healthy amount but not as high as 30%.

2. About 90% of SCGC orders are custom orders with requested upgrades, changes, etc. to a base model configuration. This increased the price of the guitar over the base model.

3. SCGC has changed this by including a variety of choices, some quite significant, in the base price. For example, you can now choose the top wood (from 100 year old Sitka, Adirondack, European Spruce, Cedar, Redwood or Genuine Mahogany) at no additional charge. Other examples include (i) addy bracing with hot hide glue, (ii) several body, neck and peghead binding choices, (iii) various nut and and saddle string spacing widths and other neck specs, (iv) short scale, (v) different rosettes, (vi) different fingerboard inlays and choice of abalone SCGC logo style and location, (vii) various setups, (viii) various tuners among Schaller, Gotoh and Waverly and (ix) various finishes (including sunburst top), all at no additional charge.

4. Other options will continue to have an upcharge above base price, such as exotic b&s woods, bling, pickup installation, etc.

4. SCGC has also decided to spend more time with each instrument in the building process to increase instrument quality and will be making fewer guitars this year than last year to do this.

I hope that clarifies things a bit.

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