Reply To: Fact Or Gossip ?


It seems like a good business decision – rather than increase gross sales by increasing volume, which is gonna be incredibly difficult when the materials you need are not just bulk ordered from some supplier and your means of manufacturing do not scale up thru new machinery or cutting labor input, so you go for higher value, which is most easily attainable via custom orders.  If the custom pipe slows down or has gaps, you throw a few “standard” spec items in, keeping everyone busy – especially if you have some incredible artist models up your sleeve.   The quality of their work has never been better, but the market for higher end non-custom guitars is a difficult one these days, so the best thing they can do is build for the people who appreciate the work, and are willing to pay that bit extra to get things built exactly the way they want them.  You can go to many solo builders, but you do not get the same level of consistency, simple choice of options, and name recognition that comes with a Santa Cruz –  I haven’t heard anything from them about any of this, but it does seem to make a lot of sense –

Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav