Reply To: Fact Or Gossip ?


Price’s increasing is’nt anything out of the ordinary.  Over the last 15 years SCGC prices have been keeping with the times at about 10% yearly plus or minus a few %.   Quality has increased as well as the raw materials to build such fine instruments .  Cost of doing business with all of it’s associated liabilities seems to be reflected across the boards in most manufacturing circles.             As I’ve read and understood Santa Cruz Guitars has been primarily a small custom shop builder from day one.  Something like 80% custom and balance in stock models.    To accommodate us  finicky buyers SCGC has offered one of the finest customer service peeps in the show. And where else do you get to call and talk with the MAN himself and his right and left arm associates ??                                                                                            The Wheel keeps turning and you cant slow down  you can’t let go  and you cant hold on.

Yep call your favorite dealer and lay that money down