Reply To: El Ramuda

Matt Hayden

It’s excellent.  And there are more than one – there’s the one at his warehouse, and the one at his house.  SO MANY GOOD GUITARS.

All y’all are so neat with your guitar collection.  Daniel’s seen my collection (I’ll post a picture later) and it’s not a jumble, but it *is* a spare bedroom with limited wall space, a couch, and bunches of acoustic guitars, basses, amps (including 2000 watts of bass amp that I do not need), mandolins, baglama sazes, and assorted electrics.  Plus at least two or three empty cases and a stash of gig bags.

The cat thinks it’s the best place in the world.  Lots of soft places to sleep, and as a kitten, he was in there with me and Daniel and Tad playing in a circle, and it’s become his favorite spot.