Reply To: Abel Armrest?

Acoustic Soul

Ok ok, so as a followup.  ***First… see the videos section of the forum for my upload which as of Friday June 7th 10 PM CST is awaiting moderation (so you may need to wait til it gets the thumbs up).***

I’ve had it for a week or two, and have played on it a bit.  It does raise my arm up higher which is fatiguing to get used to, but I’m not sure if it will necessarily damage ergonomics.  I could adapt a classical position… any advice for that with steel string without having the neck too high?

It does have a difference.  I went to the local shop to asked what they heard in a no talking A/B.  They said with the armrest they heard more of the wood, and without it they heard more of the string.  I say that the tone is more filled out, but with less murk in the low mids from the rosewood.  The mid range has a bit more dryness and punch…. woodier if you will.  The top end is more open with more air.

I don’t know if that’s a typical effect, or if it’s just that my guitar responded to it in that way.  In fact all of these things are things I was looking for in a new guitar.  I just feel the guitar is overall more appropriate of a sound for the type and quality of instrument it is.  Perhaps when they build guitars they do not consider people’s arms on the soundboard, or perhaps I just hug it extra (even though I’m a small dude).  I’d have to ask Richard about that.  It seems odd that they would omit that, but results show to my ears that they do.  Seems like the more free you can let the guitar be, the better it sounds…. which kind of makes me wonder about separating it in the back a little bit as well.

It did good things for me as far as I can tell in the short term, my wife likes it better 98% of the time (one song required some soundboard muffling to sound “right”), and the workers and guitar tech at Craig’s music in weather ford were modestly impressed and at the very least interested.  Listening to playback I have to say it’s more honest to the what I imagine the guitar should be and the sound I have in my head.

Makes me wonder if nobody in my years of guitar playing ever though to mention this, or if it is more an obscure less talked about thing in steel string acoustics compared to classical.


Would love to have some of you more seasoned guitar fellows chime in.  .  .  help me out with some experience please!

The first impression I had was that I don’t feel obligated to use my jazz pick (Blue Chip Jazz LG 35) in order to get enough air, chime, and clarity as well as a more upper mid focused response.  I could use the TAD-1R 35 on the pointy or rounded side, as well as the TD 35.  That’s giant triangle and teardrop. .  .  Fingerstyle is heavenly as well.  It’s less about fighting the sonic response and more just about having fun with colors.


PM Me if you want my phone number or FaceTime etc and we can chat about it if you’re that interested.  I like stuff like this but I know that a lot of people aren’t that into it.  I do hope that it serves someone, or at least is a topic of interest.