Reply To: F Cutaway Vs. FTC


Its good to hear your experience with a mahogany F – I had an all mahogany F, but it didn’t ring my bell. I was searching for a replacement for a ‘29 000, and the F just wasn’t the sound I was looking for. Every FS I’ve seen has been eir,  and almost every FTC has been maple. There was one of the 40th anniversary FTCs in mahogany, which I only tried briefly and lightly, and couldn’t say I was overwhelmed with it (it was VERY pretty, though) and I got a few minutes with the FTC in granadillo that went to NAMM, and that I was EXTREMELY taken by.  Unfortunately, the back of an FTC tales about same amount of material as the backs of 3 regular guitars, so its not likely they’ll make many in the more exotic woods.  My 12 string F in walnut is fantastic to my ear – its a very warm and musical 12 string – and I’m pretty sure that thicker walnut blanks would be more easily available for an FTC, but I don’t know if the walnut would have the right tonal characteristics for a carved back. Maybe Richard has already tried it –

But the rest of the FTC is pretty much normal, so there are all the usual options for tops, fretboards, inlays and other decorations – and the maple is a beautiful material that takes toners and stains really well, so you could do some really cool things – Theres a maple archtop I love thats got an incredible emerald green stain thats absolutely gorgeous. And I’ve seen a picture of the same model in an azure blue thats probably just as nice.  A little custom binding, some nice dyed inlay material, it could really be quite sweet.

An FTC would make an incredible canvas to create a really special and unique guitar – the hardest part would be deciding on the details that would make it uniquely yours, but Richard would be the perfect person to advise and help make that happen.

Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav