Reply To: Abel Armrest?

Acoustic Soul

I just want to say I got the armrest today, tried it out..

My very first impression was oh no it made it thinner… but that was just on that one song.

Everything else I played was just outright better.  Surprisingly so, so I want to make a video and put it up.

Is it possible to upload audio to the forum directly, or do I need to YouTube and then link it here?  I may do that anyway so people can hear the difference.  My wife approved and said 95% of the time the arm rest is better.

My theory is my OM Grand is weak from E F F# and G on the low E, so when I muffle it the extra mud adds a bit of thickness to that.

I was surprised also to hear more woodiness and open response, drier articulation with a more precise thump.  It was simply more pleasing.  Long term will tell….


In regards to comfort I’m impressed with it so far

Just wanted to give first report.  It’s easy to install, comfortable, nicer than expected (texture), and sounds great.  Pricey, but worth it.  Not pricey for sonic improvement, just pricey for what it is…. but when you’re spending 7-15K on a guitar what’s 78 dollars is my reasoning.  Just as a point of view on the product though it seems like it could be more reasonably priced.  This isn’t really the forum for reasonably priced goods though lol so I’m going to give them that omission.

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