Reply To: F Cutaway Vs. FTC

Matt Hayden

Having spent time with Tad’s FTCs and Fs, as well as a few others, I think Tad is on point. The FTC is not entirely an archtop, nor a flattop. In maple, it has great clarity and power which are useful in a variety of contexts, not least playing rhythm.  Single-note soloing feels like an archtop until the lower register, where it warms up like a flattop.  Alternating thumb picking gets the best of both – great warmth in the bass and lots of volume in the treble. It’s versatile and is more guitar than I need, in the sense that I’ll reach my limits as a player before the instrument imposes limits on me.

The F has a similar voice but, of course, biased towards a flat top sound.  I like the design – specifically a custom F made for in CT some years ago.  It had mahogany b/s, spruce top, and the FS headstock. It was a glorious guitar with an airy open voice that enveloped the player, very warm and clear. And as much as I like them in rosewood, that one was better….