Reply To: Custom 50th FTC

Acoustic Soul

Hey, sorry I’ve been inactive since the forum came back online.  I actually just turned 30 in December and had my first child.  I also got married last July!

First, Zorro that’s super cool and gracious of you to do such a thing!  How fun!!

I applaud your choice of the FTC in many ways – which I’ll just gloss over.


In my mind the top could be some old growth adirondack… but Richard will probably have special woods he is saving for such a scenario as this.  Have you heard the Tunnel 13 redwood?  That blew my mind, I’m looking to have that done on my second santa cruz.  I think sitka is nice but it never pleases me in any guitar I’ve played it, just lacking always compared to Italian or Adirondack to my ears.  I think Italian would be too ‘singing’ or shimmery/bright for the FTC since it already has that voice.  That’s why I’d have to say old growth adirondack if not Tunnel 13 or some very unusual thing that Richard comes up with.

I know maple is the most traditional choice for that guitar, but I think on the FTC it may pigeonhole it a bit in character.  If going with maple, maybe a type of maple that is woodier and more pliable in the mids.  I would seek to see mahogany on it as I think it would have a really cool punch overall with that body.  If you’re wanting something more sparkly then you could get the Tree set on it.  I also think Koa might be a very good option since you guys are talking about that since it’s similar to Mahogany.

I also agree that something West coast sourced would be cool… the way they found Tunnel 13.  Hawaii isn’t too far away and since SC is all into the western swing thing a lot it’s culturally not too separate either.  Didn’t a lot of slack key and slide stuff marinade in from the 40s and 50s into that kind of scene in the western US?

Definitely hide glue and adirondack bracing, I also agree that would be a really cool guitar to have a pickup in whoever said that thumbs up.

As far as the aesthetic I think a very sun glow goldish hue and pearl blocks all the way up and down fretboard would be cool… like a visit to a retrofuturism museum and the art deco period glorified in a warm amber hue.  Would probably be really classy and look like the sun reflecting off the pearly gates haha.

Flamed neck

Maple binding

Abalone purfling and inlay all around

Some type of honeyed antique light amber tint top

Pearloid bridge pins with white wood

pearl blocks all the way up and down fretboard like the cowgirl one they did a few years back Clementine

Gold tuners with pearl buttons

White maple headstock overlay and Santa Cruz logo done in gold abalone or something purty… standard tuners look sweet though

Mildly yellowed bone nut and saddle

Matching rosette to inlay and purfle

Voiced to not just be delicate, but handle strumming, heavier picks, and being pushed



What do you guys think?  Critique my dream 😀