Reply To: "The Tree" Hog

Acoustic Soul

Oh, I love the discussion of The Tree.  I was just reading through everything.

From what I’ve listened to The Tree definitely sounds denser and more wet up top than other mahogany, and the old brazilian stuff sounds less dense and clearer than the rosewood we play today.

I have an OM Grand with pre war bracing, brazilian appointments, italian moon spruce top, and figured cocobolo back and sides.  I wish we could get them together because I think for strumming the mahogany has to win.

That’s my only Santa Cruz because I sold my first one to pay the bill for this one.

I DO WANT TO GET :  Santa Cruz RS   Old Growth Adirondack/Tunnel 13 Redwood and some Tree Mahogany/ high grade …. one of my actual concerns is that I lose enough woodiness and airiness in the sound.. especially that big of a body.  One of the things that I totally am lacking and jonesing for in my OM Grand is a woody midrange and dryness/air in the top end.  It really serves me better as a finger style guitar or light strummer than anything. I really need a main guitar that is funkier , drier, and woodier that can handle medium strings and blue chip picks.

My concern there also is that in an RS body anything approaching rosewood would start to get rosewood complexity and overlap too much with the guitar I already have.


I haven’t asked the shop too much about the woods though until it’s time for me to put some money down because they’re so busy they don’t have the time (to be fair who really does?).  When I get ready to order is when I want to decide which mahogany and adirondack is going to serve me best.


But that aside, what do you guys think the result from a Tunnel 13 redwood top and The Tree would be?  Compared to an old growth adirondack old growth mahogany 1934 quality set?