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I’ve looked at a number of Fenders, and mostly what I hear is that you need to crank them up, or maybe I should say run them at higher levels, to get the tone out of them. So as much as I’d love a larger amp, I don’t really want to have to  crank it way up,  so I’m imagining that a 15w or so is all I probably want.  But I am still trying to grok it all –

And I’m not just thinking just acoustic – my next great hope is to find a thinner body, hollow or semi-hollow, arch top or jazz kind of guitar. I’ve been tempted by a few, but still trying to figure out what I would really use and bond with. Certainly can’t buy a number of them, like I’ve done with flat tops –  and when I’m looking at slightly wider necks, the options aren’t that many –

Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav