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Doc Watson toured with a Fender Twin.

Tad, if you go with an amp designed for electric guitar, get one with a lot of headroom (power before the signal starts to break -up because a stage of the amp is being overdriven).  The signal from a pickup designed to amplify an acoustic instrument is generally broader than an the signal from an electro-magnetic pickup.  The extra power keeps things cleaner.

I use a DI box or an Orchid Electronics pre-amp and go straight to the board when I’m gigging acoustics, especially if it’s my octave mandolin or an acoustic guitar.  Easier to let the sound guy manage it than tweak things on stage.

One of the reasons I’ve gone to electro-magnetic pickups and an amp for my mandolin playing is the fact that most sound guys here in France have zero idea what a mandolin should sound like.   Having my own gear allows me to be in control of the sound.

Is that something you need?