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I played the very rough mix for Claudine last night.  She’s happy with my pronunciations.  I’m happy with the vocal and rhythm tracks.  Not happy with the emando tracks.

We spent a couple hours flailing about with the JBovier and the Arrow.  This is because I had not considered before-hand what to do with them.  My ears were asking for a telecaster, but I had left it at home!

I took 6 instruments, a pedal board, an amp, and a gear bag.  On the way out the door I looked at the Tele and thought: Nahhhh.  (D’oh!)

The proprietor/engineer of Le Studio de la Ville Basse is Remi Hiblot.  He’s a drummer and in a band called Sweet Scarlet.  His wife is the singer, his brother the bass player, and his dad is the guitar player.  (His mom is a percussionist and surplus to requirements I guess!) Remi’s English is limited to a couple phrases.  He cracked me up with his impression of an English-speaker speaking French with English pronunciations.  My French is BAD.  (Ever seen the Monuments Men? My French is no better than Mat Damon’s.)

Instruments used:

  • SCGC custom Dreadnought (42BluegrassD)
  • Paul Hathway OM-1 (octave mandolin)
  • JBovier EMC-5, (5 string emando)

Instruments taken but not used:

  • Arrow G5 5 string emando
  • Vessel F5 mandolin
  • Mix F5 mandolin

Instruments not taken that might have been useful

  • Fender Squier Telecaster (1982)

Hmmm…  I may have to remove the “mandolinist” from my email sig file.


😀 Daniel


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