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First, I don’t think we worry about growing our forum too fast – if we do a good job with our content and attitude, and each of us keep telling others about it, it will grow in membership.

We can work more on content, and one of the things I would love to see on this forum would be to have more of the shop news, dealer news, artist news, history stories or experiences –  maybe we could get permission from the shop to post alot of the material thats going on FB onto this forum as well, and maybe add more guitar geek info to it, that may be considered un-interesting to the general population that frequent FB.

For ex – I love to hear about wood that Richard may have found, or perhaps new designs or styles they are working on.  Even if its gonna be a matter of months, or even years, before we see the guitars being shipped. Interesting customs, or odd repairs, or guitars that come back into the shop after years in the field. If dealers are ordering some interesting guitars with altered specs, or maybe just an intro to the dealerships, their history and how they work with SC. There are a number of great guitarists that could be featured, and we could help provide details about their tour schedules, CD releases, or backstory on their SC guitar. Forum members could post pics and info on older or unusual guitars they have, maybe some sound clips and history on unusual SC instruments – we could collect pics of SC ukes, or get sound clips from a Mandocello – I’m still intrigued with their acoustic bass – and maybe there are a couple of other things that have come out of the shop that would be interesting to put up some pics and info about.

I would love to change things so that rather than make Richard answer alot of questions, have them come into the forum and someone local can take Richard out to lunch and just ask him some questions that have come in, and write up a little blob about it all. I think a monthly piece “Lunch with Richard” would be a great thing –

The forum is a chance to put up stuff that doesn’t have a place on the SC official site, isn’t of general interest for FB (and is interesting to read a few years from now, while FB is so much more immediate). Its a place to collect history, random pics, songs, people, community – word will get out, and those who understand will join and participate. I like the idea of a special place, kinda like Bolinas – not hard to find and get to, but we don’t need slot of road signs pointing it out to everyone –

Thats just me – and I know it’ll take alot of work, and time, for it to all start to gel –


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