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You know Matt I really would like to be able to present an accurate audio representation of how the SC guitars sound.
My playing is not so bad that I can’t make them sound as they deserve but I have yet to hear any Digital recording on any “Forum” that is a “True” sound of the instrument.
I remember having a discussion with you and the other “in the Park” players about the very special sound of Santa Cruz guitars.
I have listened to many, many A/B comparisons on both the old SCGC forum and the AGF forum…… even with good headphones the recordings are NEVER what the instruments, regardless of builder, really sound like in person. When played/listened to in person there is a “reality” that just does not seem to replicate via digital.
I am going to ask the studio where Dee has recorded her CDs and see if they can produce a real world representation of the sound that these guitars produce.
In lieu of that your just going to have to come visit and play them yourself.

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