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Matt Hayden

I think it’s a matter of word of mouth, ultimately.   Yes, we could probably grow this faster but too much growth too fast can lead to instability and contention and the occasional pot-stirrer.

I’ve shared this with a few people and one or two of them have shown up.   It’s a matter of self selection – people will find us if they need to.  Maybe SCGC can mention us in one of the email updates, or put in a brief blurb on the website….

This forum has led to a variety of good things – at the 35th, Matt and I getting to play with Bob Brozman while he was counting out different rhythms with each hand and foot, the 40th where I got to play the Zorro D – that thing is LOUD in addition to sounding beautiful – playing with Chris and Tad and Eric and Matt and Bill, watching my Swedish friend Anders fall in love with a 00-Skye and getting it on Sunday morning (Hank, you drove him to Sylvan for that, right?).  It’s not an enormous group but it’s a great one.  And we need to invite people we trust if we want it to grow.