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How many times have I Missed the the SCGC Players Forum that I first found with the purchase of my 1st SC guitar.
Carolyn Sills told me about “The Forum’ when I called her about the SC Da-1 that I found and purchased at the Guitar Center in Ft Myers , Fl..
On that forum I met Alex64 and Magwa and Strings and a wonderful lady from whom I bought a very custom F model.
I remember Tadol and MattH and Digdog and Indexless and Sugarmillman and many others. We ALL shared info on SC guitars and picks and strings and other guitar gear.
I wanted so badly to comment( I hope with some common sense,and love for SCGC) on my experience with SC guitars.
The feedback and info was wonderful ….and I always felt that because of my purchase and playing of a SCGC instrument that I had joined a unique group of pickers. Hell I remember when I achieved “Senior Member”…..Alex64 always kidded me that he was a Senior Member before I was

When I went out to pick up my 1934 custom during the 40th birthday of SCGC and met Richard and Carolyn , Gerard and the artisans of SCGC and “The Players in The Park’ I was simply Blown Away by the warmth and interest in how and why I had become involved with Santa Cruz guitars.
I was always curious about the mysterious Matt Sarad and his “accident” that he had recovered from and yet still played a very early SC guitar and always commented on the tone of it.
When I met Tadol at the 40th and he casually mentioned how many SCs he had I almost Shit.
I followed Strings and others during the Wild Fires in Ca., I sat and watched Matt Hayden ” Pull a Full “Who” Wind up stroke” on my new 1934 Zorro on a park bench and had my heart in my throat as he did his best Peter Townsend imitation on my New $25,000 guitar….Talk about TRUST !!!
I remember meeting Richard Newman at the Sat. night concert of the 40th party…..It was only for a very few minutes in a dark theater but My wife and I will always remember the grace of the Big Guy.
I had spoken on the phone with Digdog several times about SC guitars and our mutual friend Alex64 and to meet him and play a few songs with him “In The Park” was a true Aloha moment.
When Mr. Hoover led a tour of the shop and ended by presenting me with my 34 Zorro as the last stop on the tour I was speechless….The picture of the two of us will be a part of my family forever
All this is said because, Yes, I miss the old Forum. But I’m also pleased to be an early part of the “New” Forum.
I would suggest that the Mailing list and registration list of SCGC be used to send a respectful invite to ALL who have purchased a SCGC instrument….. including “The Players” and those who have purchased a previously owned SC from a dealer, to come join a unique and special group.
For those who choose to comment on the “Other” forum about our “Bespoke” instruments…contact them via PM and let them know that we welcome them.

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