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Jeez –  I’m honored (and horrified) that y’all consider me a musician. I do feel pretty blessed to have found a few guys that we all enjoy getting together and playing music.  It was all rather accidental, taking a chance getting together with someone I had just met, and just trying to do some songs we both knew. It was really helpful that I had a “man cave” where we could hang and drink a few beers and try playing some guitar. Then Alan brought his brother in who plays bass, and then we got a small PA, played more stuff, added a drum machine box, then actually somehow found a real drummer. We’ve been playing for a number of years now, but purely for fun  – every couple weeks we get together and someone will have found a couple songs on-line, and suggest we try it. And we’ll do anything, once – or twice, or maybe thrice, before we decide its worth more effort, or we got it as close as we ever will, or we just suck. And we try ANYTHING – and thats really the challenge, and where I feel I learn.

But after doing this for a while, we were asked to do a couple parties, and those were incredibly nerve-wracking for me, but they were fun! And Alan and Glenn and Gary all had lots of experience playing in bands, going back to high school, so while I am still pretty uneasy performing, I am learning to relax and get into it more, even though I really just strum some chords in the background.  Now Alan wants to do more gigs, amd make some money at this, but the rest of us have pretty full lives, So maybe 1, with the occasional 2 gigs a month, is probably gonna be our fill. But thats what those videos are for – so Alan can try and line up some paying gigs. We’ll see – Maybe some day we could even open for the Carolyn Sills Combo – that would def be the big time!!

Glad y’all like the jackets – we decided we needed to look “official”,  and I can probably find the Amazon link for anyone interested, They are amazingly cheap (and feel that way!)

What was really fun about this latest gig was working with the Jewel Tones – they are so cute, and so talented, and such great people to work with to figure songs out – it was a really great added level of fun. We hope to do more with them in the future, but they’re pretty talented and may not have enough time for us antique farts –

I’m still pretty sure that if I sat down to play guitar with most of y’all, you’d be way better the  I could ever hope to be – but I’m gonna keep trying, and most importantly, gonna keep having as much fun as I can. I’d recommend it to anyone –



Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav