Reply To: Taylor vs. SCGC

Matt Hayden

I’ve got a not-quite-twenty-year-old 312ce that I received in trade for some woodwork.

It’s a perfectly ok guitar. Not great but it plays well and is ergonomically comfy.

When I first got it, I hoped it’d be sort of OM-ish, with a lot of balance, but it *is* biased towards higher frequencies.  Acoustically it sounds ok but not great (“great” being defined by my SCGC OM cutaway and its siblings).

Plugged in is another matter – it came with a Fishman Onboard Blender in mono; that died and got replaced by a stereo version.  It sounds *great* amplified, which came as a surprise. My OM also sounds great amplified, but the Taylor’s lower value and relative replace-ability mean that it gets used for shows where there’s greater risk of loss or serious damage (e.g., the biker bar in town here, which is fun to play, but dayum I’ve seen too many instruments broken by stumbling drunks).

They all have their place.  Keep playin’ ‘em and you’ll figure out what works.

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