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Matt Hayden

None of the instruments I’ve got are ding- or wear-free.  The only way to keep an instrument in that condition is to not play it, and that (IMHO) defeats the purposeful a fine instrument.

My OM is lovely but it’s got wear, it’s got scratches, etc…..and they’ve been earned.  It’s been used but not abused by any stretch, and it periodically gets new frets and other care as merited.  But while I treat it with care, I don’t cosset it needlessly.   These things are designed to make music, and to be played hard – it’s where they sound best.

To wit: at the last SCGC Christmas party, I got talking to the guitar player of the Banana Slug String Band.  He’s got an old H that’s got scads of wear from lots of shows and playing, but it still sounds amazing….it’s worn in like a good old pair of jeans.