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I may have gone off a bit – but the situation seemed a bit extreme. If all of us expected that same heightened need of perfection in all things, and treated each other in that way, the world would come to a grinding (and very unhappy) halt. Its actually why I worry about listing a couple of my guitars for sale – I’ve played them, they show that, and they are still great instruments. But there is this extreme belief that anything that isn’t absolutely perfect has lost a great deal of its value.

I’m really different – I’ve bought more than a few Santa Cruz guitars that were in need of work. Neck resets, finish repair, refrets – Its all good by me if the instrument is one I want. And I have no problem with these, because I know the guitar was built with good wood, proven techniques, and is ultimately repairable and preservable. I don’t go for a lot of cosmetic repairs – not really important to me,

I even bought a Klepper guitar he called “Wabi Sabi” – its a concept that things that are imperfect can be more beautiful than things that are “perfect” – more to it than that, but I just loved the guitar.

Oh well – I’ve learned that my take on things isn’t always the norm –  but I’ve also learned that the “norm” is rarely right –

Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav