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I don’t know how the pros do it.  Probably the luxury of more time.

I sent 2 more days in the studio in England last week.  A day (Saturday) in the studio followed by a trip home is fairly brutal.  The day starts at 8 as usual with the kids.  In the studio by 10am, in the car by 6pm, on the boat (or train) by 10:30pm.  Cross the channel and 2+ hours drive home.

This time we got home Sunday at 3am.  Let me tell you, I was wrung out the next day. Fell asleep in front of my in-laws.

Of the 11 songs/tunes going on the CD, I got 5 sorted.  Or thought I had, until I listened to them.  I need to re-sing one, and edit another.  Sometimes a bass line on a keyboard is too heavy and you need a bass.

So it’ll take another day or 2 get everything completed.  But on the plus side, these tracks are getting better for the attention to detail rather than worse from nit-picking.

When you hear something you’ve done and say to yourself, “Hey, that’s pretty cool.”  You’re going in the right direction.

But I think this will be my last CD unless there’s a reason to do another one.  They’re expensive and time consuming to record.  You knock yourself out doing the best work you possibly can, and then 99% of the listening public goes, “meh. what’s on TV?” or “That’s nice.  Have you heard Richard Thompson’s new one?”

And you know what?  RT in his 70s is still gigging and recording because there’s no money in back catalogs anymore!  Dinosaurs on the road sucking up all the money in the system because they can’t rely on revenue from the sales of CDs.

LPs are not going to save the industry.  Only paying artists and composers a decent royalty for ANY type of airplay will have a positive impact.

Stop listening through Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music’s streaming service!  Buy the damn music or there will be no more new music except that shit you hear on top 40 radio, designed to be as puerile as possible.  A 2 line verse and 14 iterations of the chorus.  Can you handle that for the rest of your life?


Sorry for the rant…