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I was fortunate to see Tony Rice and David Grisman in concert play many of Dexter Johnson’s vintage collection of guitars and mandolins which I think led to the original Tone Poems concert and recordings. It was a very special memorable evening/concert at Carmel’s Sunset Center.

in 2001, i acquired the 1991 10th-anniversary SCGC Tony Rice that Dexter lent Tony for the Sunset Center Concert (the Tone Poems Tour could did not have access to all of the instruments on the album, logistically).  It (#5/10) was Dexter’s personal guitar from the edition.  exquisite woods and tone.  the guitar is signed inside by Otis B. Rodeo, himself, Jeff Traugott and Adam Rose – and Tony and Richard on the label, of course. i have always wished that David would make available whatever recordings he has of that concert.  alas.

more importantly,

i have been in contact with Tony over the last 15 or so years for various reasons.  as of my last conversation with him, he volunteered that he has not been able to play guitar for quite a long time.  i can’t remember now exactly when he said the last time was, but i believe i figured it had to be around the last times he played with Peter Rowan, Bryn Davies and Sharon Gilchrist.  i hope 2019 is good to Tony. the best bluegrass voice ever, quoting from and article in either Flatpicking Guitar or Acoustic Guitar (too lazy to look it up), and we all know about his readily identifiable style and clean tone.



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