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I REALLY like my OM EIR/Euro, but have had a tricky time dialing in my ideal tone. I like the SCGC strings, but find I get a percussive tone on the #3 G string that stands out against the ringing of the other strings that surround it when strumming or flatpicking. It’s not as noticeable playing with bare fingers/nails. Elixirs PB or 80/20 Nanos accentuate the unwanted tone. D’Addario EXP 80/20s are terrific and EXP PBs very good for my taste. I have an easier time finding the right strings for my OMG Cocobolo/Euro. For my awesome OMG, I prefer D’Addario EXP PBs, with SCGC low tension a close 2nd. I still get a hint of percussive tone on the G string, fretted or unfretted, but not terrible – just slightly recognizable.

I should note that I find the SCGC strings produce best tone on all strings except the #3 G string. I have used power tools for woodworking my entire adult life; and for most of my life (especially the earlier years) I did not use ear protection. So I do wonder if I have ear damage in that tonal range that I am accommodating. I have used many other brands of strings on my SCGC guitars, but I have settled on the strings as described above.

– Paul –

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