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tad, this is the only recording I’ve made with the El Rey 4 at present.  It had on NYXL 12-52 (wound third).. I have since changed to NYXL 11-50BT (unwound 3rd), me like. The 52s made it sound too throaty and the unwound 3rd really shines.

I recorded it clean with a Shure SM81 positioned about 2ft from the Amp, added a bit of reverb & EQ in the post. I’ve had the ER4 for two months and still bumping around with EQ.

The ER4 is a true hybrid, got acoustic covered… in between an archtop and thinline elec.  Otto D’Ambrosio is not afraid to experiment, he build Julian Lage’s archtop amongst other things and he’s now working full time out of Eastman US headquaraters in Pomona.

I took a chance and bought mine online, good fortune happens.