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Just back from the UK.

Got hung up in Calais in the middle of a petrol price protest (say that 3 times fast), which delayed my arrival by 90 mins.  Got home after 3am.  And now I have a heavy cold too.

But! But! Buut!  I got 2 songs in the can and a 3rd mostly finished.  The aforementioned White Flower Waltz, and a cool version of and Irish traditional called The Parting Glass.  A third song, another trad -this one American- called The Vacant Chair, got started on Sunday evening.

Instrumentation for the WFW is Arrow G5, JBovier EMC5, Telecaster, SCGC Dreadnought, harmonium, and Dulcetone.

Instrumentation for The Parting Glass is Harmonium, Telecaster with tremolo, and Marxophone along with the vocal by me.

Instrumentation for The Vacant Chair: Big ol’ strummy SCGC dread rhythm track, with bass, harmonium , and a vocal track.  There’ll be a mandolin track and 1 or 2 more vocal tracks.