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From last November 29, 2017

Friends and Fans of Tony Rice. With many inquiries regarding Tony, I’d like to say thank you (!), each and everyone, for your kind thoughts, prayers, wishes, songs, and stories of your moments touched by Tony and his music. Tony is still dealing with debilitating conditions which prevent him from doing what he’s built his entire life around, and that is, PLAYING HIS GUITAR. It is EXTREMELY emotional, and difficult for him, but it is something he deals with on a daily basis, and takes it one day at a time. He does hope to play again one day, but until he is able to get back out there, all we can do, is try to encourage and support him in any way we can. Tony is a very private person and had to be persuaded to allow us to make a plea to his fans for support, ( to which you’ve all been so kind and generous and shown Tony that you DO WANT to help him, which has done a great deal towards his healing❤️). That said, I want to remind everyone that every single dollar that is sent, has no administrative fees added. There is no office to which salaries must be paid. It ALL GOES TO TONY. As far as this Facebook page goes, I am picking up where we left off a couple years ago… ( too long of a story why there has been a lapse in posts here, on this page ) so, we will make an effort to let fans know how and what Tony is up to. I’ve added an email address for Tony and he will hopefully be checking it, so, feel free to leave him messages either here, or at the email address ( Again, on behalf of Tony Rice, THANK YOU from the depths of our hearts 💕