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Thanks for the interest everyone….Heres some haphazard jpgs..The shimmering bearclaw/silking (whichever?) isĀ  crazy..So, its obviously a TR model, german spruce and im assuming EIR (maybe madagas? I have to check, quite honestly its all the same to me since this particular guitar “spoke to me”)..

Its German spruce and just the black headstock, love it…I got it from Gryphon…Truth be told Ive marvelled at this model since the 90s when I first saw Tony with it ( i realize his is abit different, headstock, BRosewood, etc). I never thought id be able to afford it, or that my playing would justify it. I actually had my heart set on the D-28 Marquis but it was discontinued before I could get my sh*t together to grab one…

My attention then switched to the collings D2H-T …when i got serious and went to play the collings i noticed the TR SantaCruz was on gryphons website in the same price range ( I had it in my mind that the TR was $7000 starting point, apparently thats true for brazilian..SO, I went to try (and maybe buy) the Collings and saw the TR in person and basically thought id try it and rule it out, due dillegence or whatever..ha ha…Well, that backfired..I went back the next week after getting my finances in order and grabbed the SC..

So, im thrilled…hopefully my attempt at uploading these photos doesnt completely format all wierd…