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Thanks for the input you two (guys?!), thanks.

Yes, this dread is massive volume wise , open chords literally ring like a bell.. so, yes , I’m thrilled . I haven’t really had the opportunity to fully open up on it. In fact, today is my first day off alone with the guitar. Of course, Murphy’s law dictates that I’ll probaly suck and trip over my own fingers today, so we’ll see ha ha

also, yes I believe it’s got SC mid-tension strings on there presently, and they sound great..also no problem with 1 11/16 nut, everyone online makes such a fuss about the 1 3/4 debate/preference,  frankly its insubstantial for me apparently..

thanks again for the replies, I think this saddle angle is deliberate and likely relieves the hard bend tension if anything .

happy picking , Erik