Reply To: "The Tree" Hog

Matt Hayden

It’s my understanding that wood from the Tree is generally denser and heavier than generic mahogany (swietenia macrophylla, Honduras, or swietenia mahoganii, which is Cuban).

That would account for a sonic difference, I think – dense woods with a high Q value (low damping of vibration) will tend to sound one way – which is similar to good rosewoods – while woods with a lower Q (higher damping) will tend to sound a little ‘airier,’ which description is usually applied to mahogany and mahogany-like woods.

A good test would be to play a mahogany OM (made of non-tree mahogany) vs the Tree.

Based on a purely anecdotal sample (playing the 00-29 made of Tree mahogany vs my own cuban mahogany 00-29), there are differences in sound, with Tree wood sounding a little more low-damping and reflective.   I also think that it’s some of the most beautiful material I’ve ever seen….

It’d be fun to instrument a series of similar guitars in different woods and collect some quantitative data.