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Good to hear zorro.

Sometime in early 2004, I called SCGC and asked what tuner do they recommend. Don’t remember who I spoke with but was told they use Peterson. This began my relationship with strobe tuning. I started with the Virtual Strobe II, my SCGC Tony Rice was in tune for the first time ever. I finally got to hear what a well tuned guitar was all about.  I was a member of a mostly amateur songwriters group in those days and tuning was driving me nuts. I was so self conscience of my inaccurate tuning that it had a negative impact on what I was doing.

The VSII was a miracle, then came the StroboClip and now the Polytune.

Using strobe for the past 14yrs has trained my un-trained ear to easily recognize bad tuning but, as most of us, I will never have perfect pitch.

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