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Ah tuners… something I tend to get finicky about!

James Taylor really has a signature sound, and a lot of that is his tuning.

And yes, some tuners are ‘generous’ in their readings.

A lot of mandolin players I know trust Snarks.  I love my Intellitouch PT10.  I have a little clip on Polytune by TC Electronics, but I prefer the PT10 because I can read the PT1o in bright sunlight and the Polytune’s LEDs just can’t manage that.

I also have a Boss TU-12h that’s (holy cow) 30 years old now.  I use it when I get the pedal board out.  Zorro, you might benefit from using one of these.  It has an analog read out: a needle that swings left & right and shows cents.  This makes JT’s instruction possible to execute.

I wish I still had the little case the TU-12h came in.  That made it really convenient to use.  But that case has been broken and gone for 20 years now.  🙂

I’ve participated in a kickstarter for Soundbrenner’s Core device (I have a Pulse and love it).  It’s a smartwatch with a haptic metronome, a decibel meter, and a tuner in it.  The unit comes off your wrist (watch band stays in place) and attaches to the instrument via a magnet.  You can stick the unit either to the tuning machines or to a small self adhesive metal plate that comes with the Core.  It reads notes the same way as any other clip on tuner.

They’re shipping in March.  I’ll post a review.  🙂



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