Reply To: Custom 50th FTC


Of the 3 Koa guitars I’ve had built ,by our dear Maestro n Crew. SCGC,  all have been stunning!   My favorite was an all Koa  000.   Next was the OM  Spruce n  Koa.  Finally the 00 Spruce n Koa.   They all had the Magical open vintage tone that Santa Cruz is noted for.      I am a fickled   GAS CRAZED   acoustic guitar guitar  CRUSADER in chase of the will I ever find the GRAIL..       Koa is a great sounding ,looking tone wood and SCGC with out doubt knows how to bring it to life.           Warm even balance with most notably  a Mid frequency  bias.   I hope to someday in the near future to have Richard and crew build me an OM grand with Port Oxford Cedar and my personal stash of very old growth Koa.

For an FTC me thinks the Maple is the way to go.  Have them do a reddish/golden Koa tint W@@W!