Reply To: Custom 50th FTC


After reflecting on the project that I have proposed, I have come to “The
Slap In The Face” reality that on the 50th birthday of SCGC that I will be Damn near 80 when this idea will come to fruition….80 !!!
So…I am changing the program to commission the build to be a 45th anniversary custom FTC.
I still would like to have the Members of our Forum continue to submit thoughts and Ideas as to what the details of the guitar might be….But I’m going to talk with “The Maestro” soon to get his thoughts on this guitar and see what “personal Stash” of wood he might have now or is thinking about having in the near future.
As it is going to be an FTC I am leaning toward Flamed Maple as it is the “Traditional” wood for archtop guitars but I have to admit that Koa has some strong eye candy appeal. Would you Koa lovers please comment on the Sonic/Voice difference between the two woods.
Fair Winds,

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