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Frozen Rat

Three for me. I still have two of them.

My first encounter with SCGC guitars was a used one in Guitar Center. I think it was an OM. I didn’t think it was very good. That particular one was probably abused, maybe over-humidified, or under-humidified. It was kinda dead sounding. I’d heard good things about the brand so I didn’t let that impact my judgement, but it was my first experience with the brand. I eventually ran into a second one at Guitar Center and that one was much better but it was the wrong guitar at the wrong time for me so I didn’t buy it.

Then I wandered into Sylvan Music in Santa Cruz and played every SCGC they had and really liked a 00 EIR/Sitka they had. It was the best sounding guitar I had ever played. It had soul, it was vibrant, and it was easy to play (best neck I’d ever hand in my hand). I didn’t buy it that day because I hadn’t brought enough funds and lost out as someone else did, and it was only a week later that I went back to buy it. I left depressed.

Some weeks later I found a 00 Adi/Hog on Ebay and won the auction. It came with worn out frets and I think 10s on it. It didn’t sound great, but somehow I could sense it had a lot of potential. I was upset about the bad frets but decided to get it fixed instead of challenging the seller about it. I got stainless steel frets put on it and I carved a new saddle out of bone and put that in (the old one was badly chipped). What I got was, and is still, better even than the 00 I first played. It’s gorgeous in looks and sound and so easy to play. Why can’t all guitars be this easy? But I still wanted one that was rosewood-backed. I love rosewood. Had to have one.

I found a 00 EIR/Sitka with a slew of upgrades in Wisconsin but it was $6200 and I decided to wait for something to show up elsewhere for a bit less money. One never did (SCGC 00s don’t come around often on the used market) so I went back to Sylvan and bought a 00 Skye (yes, I know it’s just as pricey as the one I mentioned I didn’t buy, I had a moment of weakness that day). But, the the wide nut width eventually drove me to sell it, that and the fact that Cocobolo, while a superb tone wood, didn’t quite scratch the rosewood itch for me: I had to have rosewood. A few weeks after I sold the Skye (to a super nice guy back east who adores it) a 00 in EIR/Sitka showed up on Reverb with all kinds of upgrades. Turns out it was the $6200 guitar I had seen months ago, having been sold as part of a lot to a guy who was liquidating them as NOS (no warranty). It was selling for far less money this time. I made an offer for even less and it was accepted. It’s on my wall and I adore it. Both of my 00s have the wider 2 1/4 bridges, beautiful rosettes, upgrading binding, hide-glue Adi braces and the non-slotted headstocks: I do not like slotted headstocks. I do not understand or appreciate their attraction. They were each made in 2014 and 2015 and, as it turns out, were both custom orders to the same shop in Wisconsin, who always does custom orders (well, not any more it seems) with specs that happen to be just what I like best.

Santa Cruz 00 — Goodall 000 — Martin 00-28

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