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Old 97

SCGC was my final stop on a ten day trip.

I started by loading up my truck with the granddaughter and boyfriend’s boxes for a move from Hollywood to Portland. The day I left was the day I5 closed three hours before I got to Redding. It took four hours to drive from there to Arcata. Only 133 miles through the spectacular Trinity Widerness, the first 17 miles took an hour. The road was one lane due to the Carr Fire that had burned trees, structures, and vehicles everywhere.

I stayed with friends mostly in such wonderful Oregon towns as Monmouth and Creswell. Creswell tempted me with two custom Bozo guitars, a Simon Fay, Thomas Rein, and an Anders Sterner Classical.

Then I spent four days in Terra Linda, the cheap northern side of San Rafael. Dinner in Sausalito followed by picking in Mill Valley, where I got my hands on a glorious Wingert E of Cocobolo and German spruce, a John How Ladder braced, and I swapped my Kenny Hill New World Classical for a B Bender Tele until I am sick of it.

By the time I got home, I had driven 2,022 miles.