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Hello Newbs and welcome!

The Taylor 522ce looks like a 00 with  cutaway to me.  So there you go for size.

Putting a cutaway on Skye would be wrong.  Look Eric up on Youtube and you’ll see why.  😉

A Firefly would be a bit smaller than a 00, and it will have a shorter scale.  So it might suit you right down to the ground.  But I would try one first.

I wouldn’t worry about sound and playability from a SGCG.  Those are built in.

If you’re in California, go to Santa Cruz and do a shop tour.  Have a conversation with Richard or anyone one of his staff about what you’re looking for.  They’ll  hook you up with a dealer who will sell you the guitar, whether you have it custom made or want one from stock.

Failing that, call up or visit your closest SCGC dealer and chat with them.  They can make special orders on your behalf to the shop.

Enjoy the process!