Reply To: Hello Again!


Matt and Tad,

I’ll be happy to send a few more if you think people will be interested in them.


Since 6 August, our arrival in the village of Chamouille (pronounced sham-wee by the locals and sham-00-ee by southern French), the instruments have remained virtually unplayed.  I’ve busted out the 5 stringers a couple times.  The solid-body is good for riffing while the family is asleep.  I have a Vox AC30 headphone amp, and I’m wondering how I lived without it all those years.

I’m on a huge Heart binge.  Digging around YouTube for anything that predates the big hair 80s era and postdates 2000.  I am in love with Ann Wilson’s voice, but can’t abide that corporate metal they did for a while.  There’s a version of Dog & Butterfly from 2002 out there that gives me chills.

And I taught myself (finally after 35 years) the main guitar riff in A minor from Crazy On You.  That’s a lot of fun on a 5 string emando.  I know you guys have probably all been there, done that, and forgotten it by now.  But I seem to be reliving my teenage musical ambitions via the 5 string mandolin!  Next thing you know, I’ll be doing a note for note copy of the solo from Comfortably Numb!

Hope all is well with all of you!