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They’re 16 yr old Schallers, so I will be looking at the Gotohs, gold body (gold seems to go well with koa) and right now I’m thinking ebony buttons, but need to think about it a bit.  Ivoroid might work nice, too – are yours the 1:21, or a little coarser?

It’s got a warm, and sweet, although gentle, voice.  It’s a very personally satisfying sound, but I imagine it would not be much of a contender in a group setting – which the H isn’t either. It came with a pretty fresh set of Martin Lifespan lights, so I’m not ready to change them yet, but I’d really like to try my fav SCGC lights on it – it may even be a good candidate for the mediums –

Whats also interesting is that it has a LR Baggs Anthem (pretty sure) which sounds rather different from another guitar I thought has an Anthem too – guess I need to look into it at some point. Maybe these have batteries? Anyway, whats interesting is the amplified tone of this guitar is really nice, although I need to figure out if I can get the string to string balance adjusted a tiny bit. May be the reason to try other strings. But the strong midrange warmth and clarity of this guitar may be a really good fit playing amped with my friends – with a Tele on lead, and a really strong clean bass, this might fill in and be a really tasty rhythm instrument, if I decide I’m willing to gig with it –  but I still have lots to learn about this amplification and pickup stuff –

Lots o’ SCGC guitars! But never ask which is my fav