Reply To: SCGC Strings


Hi Zorro, yes it’s happened on every set of different SCGC strings I’ve used on the new OMG. And every time I’ve used EXPs it’s been completely resolved. I can’t say what it would sound like in a good recording because I don’t have good recording equipment. My guess is that it would sound like it does for a listener— probably not very noticeable at all. It would probably go unnoticed in a recording unless you were focused on that specific string tone and isolating the sound in comparison to others.

As Alan Carruth suggested, I tuned down the #3 string a step and fretted up to a A — and got exactly the same tone on that string. So I am led to believe it is the string. The other characteristic is that I can virtually eliminate the unwanted tone if I squeeze the pick very tightly, leave a tiny strike surface exposed on the pick end, and hit the string at a steep angle(opposed to perpendicular) to the string.

In the end it’s nothing more than a curiosity because it only happens using SCGC strings on 1 note on 2 guitars. And there is an easy & perfect solution – use another brand of string on those guitars. Since this is the most important thing to me, that’s what I’ll do as I scratch my head. This was also recognized as a good choice by Alan in the last sentence of his post.

– Paul –