Reply To: SCGC Strings


Thanks for the feedback Zorro and Matt. I play bare fingers/flatpick about 50/50. I use Blue Chip TAD 40 & 50 pretty much exclusively, sometimes I’ll move onto TAD 60s — but rarely. To clarify the sound I’m objecting to, it’s specifically the G string while I’m fretting A. The “thinness” I mentioned on #1 & #2 strings is really not anything I’m finding to be objectionable or in fact necessarily different from what I normally hear. It’s just that I find the deeper #4, #5 & #6 SCGC strings far superior to any other strings I’ve played. So in comparison to my impression of those strings, they sound less impressive. I will put on another set of SCGC strings next string change and try again. Next time I’ll sit in the “listener’s” seat to compare.

– Paul –