Reply To: SCGC Strings


I agree with Tad about the duration of SCGC strings. Sometimes the degradation of the strings are very slow and subtle. I use both tensions with Mids on the Dreads and Lites on the others. I am trying Mids at present on the F……I am liking that combo a bit more as the strings get played in.
I also empathize with Paul about hearing loss…I am almost totally deaf in my left ear due to a recoilless rifle accident many years ago.
When I play, many time I will have to bend my right ear over the guitar to get the full sound. I always remember Richard Hoover saying that he builds SC guitars for the listener and not the player….so maybe as a player we don’t always hear the “True” sound….. I love SC instruments because I seem to “Hear” them in my body as much as my ears.
Paul, what type of pick are you using? You said that bare fingers are fine.
I play with a Blue Chip thumb pick and bare finger tips. You said the G, B, and high E are thin sounding……Pick material/thickness maybe??

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