Reply To: The pre-war series

Matt Hayden

Satin nitro is actually very difficult to do well. At an NCAL meeting some years ago, Rick Turner and Addam Stark discussed the challenges of getting a good satin nitro finish that didn’t require a lot of post-spray time that ate up work time and profit.

It would probably be easier to do a lower gloss nitro finish (like the Martin vintage series) which is less time and labor intensive, or else switch to a polyester finish. Polyester sprays satin well but it’s difficult to repair and can be hazardous to paint room staff  – even more than nitro, a known sensitizer.

…and I checked, and Bourgeois uses catalyzed polyester finishes. It’s not bad stuff at all (it’s tough as nails) but it’s a choice that enables them to do satin without it being labor intensive.


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