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Matt Hayden

I think that instruments *do* change with age – my 2012/2013 00-29 has definitely opened up.

There are also changes in sound attributable to changing string type – gauge, material, et cetera – or changing the height etc of nut, saddle, frets, relief, etc.

But I also think that there’s a certain amount of what Zorro called ‘the bloom fairy,’ too.    I don’t think that instruments change radically.  My OM and 00-29 both sounded really amazing to start with, and while they have changed, the change has been gradual, not transformative.

Instead, it’s possible – and perhaps probable – that as the player becomes more accustomed to the instrument and learns its capabilities and how it responds, the *player* changes.  They may learn to address the instrument in ways that draw out the best from that instrument.   Increasing familiarity over time allows the player to be more attuned to the instrument so that they respond differently to it.

That’s what I’ve experienced.  I know that I play differently on the OM and 00-29, based on what each does, and that provides a raison d’etre of sorts for having multiple different instruments.  Most things can be played on any instrument, but sometimes the choice of instrument helps.



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