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As to when (and if) a guitar opens up/Blooms.
I wonder if the enviroement in which the instrument lives has any bearing on the when (or if).
I have only had 2 “New ” guitars in my life, the Martin HD-28 and the SCGC 1934D. The martin is now 25 years old and is as Bloomed as it is going to get. The 34 Zorro is a couple of years old and was very loud and Grand Piano like when I first got it. The others I bought used and I have already spoken about the OM. The O.T. was Otis Taylor’s main touring guitar and so has had a whole bunch of playing time. The F has always sounded rich and full.
All my Ramuda are kept full time in an American Music Furniture Guitar Habitat Cabinet. The RH is kept at a constant 42-48%. So other than playing time the conditions are the same for each guitar….but I don’t notice any difference in sound after a bit of time of playing on any of them.
I thought I remember Richard Hoover saying that the guitars he builds are “already open” because of the age of the woods he uses and the enviroemintel conditions of the shop.
Having said all that, I do hear a difference after restringing of course but I also have always been told to not buy a guitar and expect the sound/tone/volume to get better over time….buy the sound you like at the moment.
So…is it enviroement,age, playing time or do we just want to believe in the “Bloom Fairy”?

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